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A cool Tee, A happy life... there is so much more
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Who doesn’t like to be loved? Who doesn’t like to be cared for? Who doesn’t like when people are good to them? No one,
Cherishing our change-makers at weppl - when a si
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As the name suggests Care Shelter is the home for people who need care. It is a shelter for the destitute, orphans and
When a Tshirt you wear can start giving voices to
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When we started off a couple of months back, WEPPL, as a brand strive to propagate the thought of ‘Be Good’.  It was im
Rekha, an auto rickshaw driver is fighting all th
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If one decides to follow his/her heart, then most of the societal judgements and stereotypes automatically fade away.
The family which lives under a bridge and sells t
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"They have no safe place to call it their home,They have no walls to live within and no roof above them,They have no ki
The author of the book, "It's Not Always Happily
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When you face an adversity you have two options, "Breakdown" or "Breakthrough" Sanskriti Mishra, Author of the book, "I
Nitish, an IIT-Bombay student is helping school c
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Nitish is a student of IIT-Bombay. It is not the identity of studying in a prestigious college that makes him a superh
Celebrate the people around you, everyday!
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Not often do we recognise the people that are around us everyday. From the milkman and the security guard to the newspa
Extend your support to the people of Odisha!
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Link to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Odisha: Cyclone Fani ha

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