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Four year old Sayak needs your help in developing communication

Born on 14 June 2014, Sayak Roy comes from a family that houses three members – his father, Tarun Kanti Roy who is an ATM Guard with monthly earnings of about Rs 12000/- and mother Shyamali Roy who is a homemaker.

Sayak was placed in an incubator when he was two days old because of his premature birth. He was diagnosed with heart problems when he was seven days old. An Echo-cardiograph at Joka ESI Hospital revealed Sayak had to undergo surgery for his heart problem.

At 10-11 months, Sayak’s parents observed that he was not responding to any sound and was unable to speak. They suspected a problem and retook him to ESI Hospital.  The ENT Department checked Sayak and referred him for BERA [Brain-stem Evoked Response Audiometry]. By the time they got the BERA Test done from Hazra Pulse Diagnostic Centre, Sayak was one year old, and he was confirmed of a Hearing Problem. Referred by the Diagnostic Centre to NIHH, Sayak was again made to go through the testing process, and the reports there reconfirmed his hearing loss as profound. His intervention and early childhood education began at NIHH.
VAANI is an exceptional organisation dedicated to supporting Deaf children across India

It was in April’ 2017 that they got to know about the Vaani Sadhan Centre from the parent of Abu Raihan. Sayak and his parents began attending the sessions regularly at the Vaani Sadhan Centre. The parents realised that Sayak who used not to leave his father’s lap initially began to show interest in sitting with the teacher during the sessions and was communicating effectively.

Sayak who did not know any word to communicate in began to pick up signs and started communicating well. His father was happy to be part of the sessions and learnt how to follow up at home. Sayak’s Father, Tarun is proactive and has referred more deaf children and their families to the Vaani Sadhan Centre.

He shares, “The progress of our son has been remarkable after attending sessions at the Centre. The Parents’ Meetings and workshops have helped me learn a lot about what I need to do as a parent. I am thankful to Vaani for making parents understand the importance and the need to assist our deaf children. They helped me in understanding how to support my child at home ”.

Teacher Aloy Jhulki says,”Sayak’s progress has been because of attending sessions at the Centre and the  parents’ involvement in learning and following up with all the support required regularly at home “

For Sayak’s development and progress to the next level of pre-reading, pre-writing skills and math, it is vital that Sayak continues to attend Individualized Sessions at Sadhan Resource Centre. Also, his parent’s capacity building is extremely important for their better engagement with him.

Your support will go a long way in bringing overall development in Sayak's life. Your contribution of Rs.30,000  would be utilised for Sayak's education and training for a year.

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