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The author of the book, "It's Not Always Happily
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When you face an adversity you have two options, "Breakdown" or "Breakthrough" Sanskriti Mishra, Author of the book, "I
Nitish, an IIT-Bombay student is helping school c
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Nitish is a student of IIT-Bombay. It is not the identity of studying in a prestigious college that makes him a superh
Celebrate the people around you, everyday!
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Not often do we recognise the people that are around us everyday. From the milkman and the security guard to the newspa
Extend your support to the people of Odisha!
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Link to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Odisha: Cyclone Fani ha
VAANI Foundation - Ensuring the voice of every De
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It is shocking to know that 8 out of every 1000 children in India are born deaf. Deafness is rightly called an “Invis
The story of the miracle worker Irudiya Raj - Th
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  Irudiya Raj is from a low-income family in a slum area. Due to family circumstances, he could not complete his school
Doing Good Matters. It all starts with One act!
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This article is about our inhibitions of doing good. Whenever life presents us an opportunity to do something good, we
A cool Tee, A happy life... there is so much more
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Who doesn’t like to be loved? Who doesn’t like to be cared for? Who doesn’t like when people are good to them? No one,
Cherishing our change-makers at weppl - when a si
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As the name suggests Care Shelter is the home for people who need care. It is a shelter for the destitute, orphans and

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