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When a Tshirt you wear can start giving voices to kids !

When we started off a couple of months back, WEPPL, as a brand strive to propagate the thought of ‘Be Good’.  It was imperative for us to begin the charity at home. ‘Vaani’ was one of our first goodwill partner and our first ever impacted partner!

Vaani essentially means ‘the sound of the soul’. It is an NGO that supports the need of deaf children and their families. Its mission is to introduce these children and their families with language and communication. This, as a result, helps them to have meaningful conversations among themselves and the world around them. Thus, preparing them to live a life of respect and dignity.
When we met the Vaani team, Founder ‘Brinda Crishna’ quoted that “The issue of deafness is possibly the WORST kind of disability even compared to the physical disabilities primarily because you can’t hear. And if you can’t hear, you can’t comprehend. And if you can’t comprehend, you can’t understand the world around you.” You can check out the video here

Then, we met the children there. After meeting them, Weppl decided to make their first funding of Rs. 5000/- as a support for children development to Vaani. We pledged to collaborate and support on helping social & emotional needs of the children with hearing impairment. And this was only possible because of the funds generated from over 100+ customers who purchased from
www.weppl.org and decided to be Weppl change-makers.
The journey doesn’t stop here. This is just the beginning of doing our bit and trying to create a world where people help each other. 1 out of 1000 children suffer from deafness. You can still do your bit.

Click here to know more about the causes we are on a mission to impact.


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