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VAANI Foundation - Ensuring the voice of every Deaf child is heard

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It is shocking to know that 8 out of every 1000 children in India are born deaf. Deafness is rightly called an “Invisible disability” because unlike other disabilities, which can be easily detected; deafness is very difficult to detect with conventional methods. In many marginalised families, the parents realise their child is deaf only when it grows to a certain age. However, the necessary assistance to be provided would be already delayed.

Since the child cannot hear what others are saying, it cannot comprehend many things. Because the child cannot understand, it cannot respond. This vicious circle traps the child to extreme isolation.

The following short video gives a glimpse of what VAANI is:

When Brindha Crishna did 18-month research with an agency to understand deafness in India, she realized that deafness is a severe disability. It is also because the unaware parents, friends and relatives of the deaf child do not know how to interact with it; there is a void created around the child.

After a lot of research and exhaustive background work, Brindha Crishna founded VAANI – the Deaf Children’s Foundation. The primary focus of VAANI is to address early childhood deafness. VAANI’s unique approach in helping deaf children by training their families has achieved great success. VAANI has impacted more than Eleven Thousand children until now. In Assam, VAANI had set up 28 centres earlier which is now sustainably making changes in the lives of many children. Brindha Crishna also says that working with the Government to reform society is integral to bring a change to the deaf community’s lives.

In the Individualised Education Programme [IEP], every child is given special attention. First, the child’s needs and problems are analysed. After that, the requirements are mapped according to the level of learning the child has reached. The curriculum has four primary segments: Reading, writing, communication and Mathematics. Social communication, sign language and lip-reading too are taught to the children. Life Skill training prepares the children to face the outside world. In every IEP session, nutritional supplements are provided to the children. Parental skill training and networking sessions are the other components of the programme.

Many students have learnt to write, communicate and study because of VAANI’s efforts.

We at Weppl are excited to have partnered with such a wonderful organisation that is dedicated to impact thousands of deaf children's lives.

Please visit our website to contribute to the causes listed by VAANI foundation.  

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