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The story of the miracle worker Irudiya Raj - The saviour of destitute


Irudiya Raj is from a low-income family in a slum area. Due to family circumstances, he could not complete his school education. Even in the adverse conditions during his childhood, he always did his best to serve the homeless. He would share his food and other essentials without hesitation.

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Later in his life, he took up carpentry as his profession. He continued helping the homeless as much as he could. He would receive calls from people about destitute who are struggling in the streets. He would then use his personal and professional network to find a spot for the destitute in a care home. However, the referral model wasn’t sustainable as there were severe space constraints in the shelters around the area.

He gathered his friends to raise funds to donate blankets to the homeless frequently. The campaign was successful as they could procure many blankets and give to the homeless. However, to Irudiya Raj’s shock, he found that many of them lost the bedsheets. It was because some of them aren’t mentally sound, or they are ill-treated and robbed. This situation made Irudiya Raj understand that acts of fundraising and charity alone aren’t very effective. The destitute need nutritional, emotional and resource support for their holistic improvement.

After serious contemplation and discussions with many of his friends, he decided to start Care shelter Public Charitable Trust. It had humble beginnings in a house which he could rent with the money contributed by his father. He supported as many destitute as possible with his minimal income and some donations. However, the number of destitute grew to a large number. He put all his efforts in scaling up and now Care shelter is home to more than fifty destitute.


He has the support of his family members and fellow patrons to complete the everyday tasks. His vision is to move the shelter to a bigger space so that he can take care of more homeless people. Unfortunately, he is in shortage of funds to continue providing shelter, medical care, food, therapy sessions and other developmental work.

While discussing with Irudiya Raj, we understood his philosophy of life revolves around his favourite quote:

“Noone is an orphan until there is last person alive in this world.”

We at Weppl are delighted to onboard Care Shelter on our platform, and the beneficiaries would be listed soon. Please visit our website, www.weppl.prg to know more and contribute to the betterment to lives of the homeless people.

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