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Extend your support to the people of Odisha!

Link to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Odisha: 

Cyclone Fani has caused adversely affected the people of Odisha. From public infrastructure including schools and electrical distribution systems to residential buildings, Fani has caused massive destruction.

Odisha needs every bit of support we can extend.

More than 6490 schools have been damaged in Odisha because of which the education of the affected districts have come to a halt. The children are in dire need of basic amenities like food, water and shelter.


Due to damage to electricity and telecom infrastructure, the return of normalcy is taking a lot of time and efforts. There are many Organisations that are working at the grass root level to help the people, but they need our help and support.

We at Weppl request our community to contribute to the Odisha Chief Minister's relief fund. Our support can make a huge impact to the people of Odisha.

Be Involved. Be Good. We love people. Weppl.



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