Cherishing our change-makers at weppl - when a simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on someone's life. | WEPPL

Cherishing our change-makers at weppl - when a simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on someone's life.

As the name suggests Care Shelter is the home for people who need care. It is a shelter for the destitute, orphans and people in need. Mr. Irudiya Raj started this NGO 10 years ago after years of his street service. This helping abode is inspired by the principle ‘In God's creation no one is an orphan or destitute”

Every time the police sees somebody sleeping on the street or an abandoned child or somebody who need please call back care shelter and care shelter take them to the rescue. A lot of times these people become mentally retarded because they don’t know they are, where do they belong to or even what are their names. 

They take the entire responsibility of giving them the shelter, food, medical aid, daily supplies, psychological support, etc. Care shelter provides them even with the basic of basic supports like giving them a bath, combing their hair, feeding them meals, etc. They become a part of the Care Shelter Family. 

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When our team member Mr. Paul Ruban arrived there, the place was locked and the care-taker opened the door for him and when he entered in there he was taken aback by seeing the people around him. He saw a person crawling because he had lost his limbs, then there were a bunch of people who stared at him and for a moment, he felt lost because it was very overwhelming and he didn’t know what to expect. But eventually when he spent more time there he realized that this was their way of welcoming him and eventually he started feeling warm.

He also saw various types of people there. Among-st them, he saw a case of the guy who couldn’t speak for months altogether and since everybody spoke in South Indian there, he felt alienated. Eventually, Care Shelter people called the people who could speak in Hindi and then, he started opening up about himself. 

Paul met a lady there. Her name is ‘Tulsi’. When she got comfortable, she started singing “சோதனை மேல் சோதனை போதுமடா சாமி

வேதனை தான் வாழ்க்கை என்றால் தாங்காது பூமி |”

“Troubles over Trouble, enough of oh God,

If the pain is life, the earth will not bear”. 

He also met a lot of people whose children were not ready to accept them because of financial reasons and they openly accepted that they are not capable of taking care of them. And Care Shelter has promised to take care of them no matter what. 

Weppl made a donation of Rs. 3,600/- using the funds generated from Care Shelter was very excited to receive the donations from Weppl because every donation matters. 

Mr. Ruban was very moved after making the donation. He felt very privileged to be living in a society wherein he could afford the lifestyle he was living in and he felt guilty where he saw a group of individuals living in the same society where people have been abandoned. But then, he met a person who is compassionate like Mr. Raj who is so kind that he has given his life to this cause. And we are so grateful to be associated with such a worthy cause like this.

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