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Celebrate the people around you, everyday!

Not often do we recognise the people that are around us everyday. From the milkman and the security guard to the newspaper boy, so many of our lives are interconnected.

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It is very hard to imagine a life without the network of people around us. It is impossible to be happy in our lives if it weren't for the mutual benefit we create for each other.

Many of us make a mistake in judging the service we provide each other as transnational relationships motivated by monetary benefit. It is totally wrong. If every one of us treat others with respect and dignity, there will be a massive impact. A simple act of acknowledging the presence of each other with a simple "Good Morning", can make our lives brighter.

People around us make a great impact in our lives everyday!

Every relationship of ours is like a beautiful flower. It is important to nurture the relationships with love and respect. If we fail to do so, our flowery garden will turn into a barren land.

We at Weppl believe in the power of relationships and how even the smallest of help lent to others will make a biggest of difference. Visit our website, www.weppl.org to see how you can bring a difference to those lives which are in need of support.

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