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A cool Tee, A happy life... there is so much more to weppl.

Who doesn’t like to be loved? Who doesn’t like to be cared for? Who doesn’t like when people are good to them? No one, right? Everyone deserves to be cherished and loved, so why discriminate and abandon people who are a little different from us? People who have faced life differently, either due to internal or external reasons.

To love selflessly is to open your inner boundaries and hold space for the good within you. To grow home out of the abundance of goodness in you. To live for others is to live completely and fruitfully. And to give others selflessly is a way to purification of the heart. 

We at Weppl, are a creative social enterprise and we strive on our ideology of spreading the goodness in this world in whatever way we can. Every purchase made at www.weppl.org makes an impact on somebody's life. Every Tshirt shipment from Weppl's inventory brings a smile on someone's face and gives hope to someone's life.

So far, Weppl has happily donated over Rs. 30,000 to its partner NGOs and this all has been possible because people like you believe in the power of ‘giving’. And what better than making an impact yet receiving an awesome T-shirt of your choice from weppl.org?

But this is not it, with every new design Weppl offers free shipping to its changemakers. And if all this doesn’t make a difference to you, browse on to our ’Causes’ section to understand how impactful your each purchase is to us. It’s not too late to start making an impact. So, would you still wait now?

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