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Etika Khatoon was born on 01 January 2008 to parents Nasima Bibi and Haider Ali Mondal. They are from Sonarpur.

Nasima was not lucky enough to experience the dream of every mother to hear her child’s first cry while giving birth. According to Nasima, one-year-old Etika could only say the words “MAA” & ‘ABBA”, unlike other children of the same age who could say much more.

Etika was two years old when her parents observed that she was unresponsive to sounds. After going through hearing examination, it was confirmed that she had a profound hearing loss.

At five years six months, Nasima enrolled Etika in a Centre at Sonarpur based on a neighbour’s suggestion. At this Centre, Ria Bhowmick’s parents recommended VAANI Sadhan Centre. Eitika was registered at VAANI Sadhan Centre on 26 November 2014. 

After participating in sessions at the Sadhan Centre, Etika has progressed a lot in communication, reading, writing and Maths skills. Earlier, she used to attend a general school where she found it difficult to understand the subjects taught there. Knowing about the Calcutta Deaf School from VAANI, her parents shifted her there. She is happier going to the Calcutta Deaf School now. 

The parents say, ”We are happy to attend the sessions, meetings and training workshops. They help us in understanding many important things required for our child’s progress.”  

With the support of the teachers at the Centre, Etika has progressed in all aspects. 

Etika is all set to reach the next level of pre-reading, pre-writing skills and math and she needs your support for it. Your support will go a long way in providing individualized sessions to Etika for her development. The annual contribution of Rs.37,000 would be utilised for Etika's education and training.

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