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On 29th Aug 2012, Shilpa was born to parents Sujatha and Krishna Murthy who stay in Tumkur, Karnataka. Shilpa’s parents observed that she is unresponsive to sounds. Shilpa’s profound hearing loss was deducted in the hearing examination.  Six-year-old Shilpa’s parents came to know about VAANI and got her registered at VAANI Sadhan Centre in Tumkur on 09/04/2018 which provides individualised training to deaf children and supports their parents in engaging with them.

Shilpa was observed to be shy and restless during initial days of training at VAANI. She was unable to identify objects, vegetables, colours and wouldn't know Kannada and English Alphabets. After a year of attending regular IEP [Individual Education Programme] sessions at VAANI, today we find Shilpa very expressive. She does lip reading and has learnt to read, write and sign more than 40 words (fruits, animals, body parts, vegetable, Colour). Shilpa can read, write and sign Alphabet A to Z and 1 to 30 numbers. She has developed her interests in Drawing and Dancing.

Her parents are incredibly pleased to attend the workshops at VAANI Sadhan resource centre where parents interact and share their experiences. Here the social and emotional needs of a deaf child are also addressed, and that is something we have never come across earlier. Shilpa’s Mother Sujatha says, “I did not know how to make her understand things and used to treat her harshly. The parent's meetings have helped me find a solution to my problem of communicating with my daughter. I am thankful to VAANI for making us understand my daughter better. We are sure that Shilpa has benefitted a lot from these sessions, and we look forward to participating actively.“

Your contribution of Rs.37,000 for a year would be utilised for Shipa’s education and training. It would help her improve her pre-reading, pre-writing and maths skills. 

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